What Bra to Wear Under What Outfit?

What Bra to Wear Under What Outfit?

Showing bra straps, lace appearing through t-shirts, band showing with backless dresses – these are just a few of the many bra problems that can ruin the entire vibe of an outfit. You want a bra that isn’t noticeable, but still gets the job done in being supportive and comfortable. The good news? There are practical bras for every type of outfit – we can help!

T-shirt bras are a great option to pair with all of your fitted tops and dresses. T-shirt bras fit like a glove and provide the perfectly smooth silhouette under fitted pieces – minimizing bra lines.

Have a white shirt or dress? The perfect pair would be a nude or a red. Yes, we said it – a red! Your skin has red undertones, so red bras often blend fairly well under a white shirt! When it comes to finding the right and perfect red for your skin tone, you can follow this outlook: fair skin tones should look for a true brighter blue-red; olive complexions play best with cranberry; darker skin tones can go deep into the scarlet or burgundy territory.

Have the perfect outfit picked out with a low neck line? This often leads to the risk of having your bra show. You need a plunge bra! Plunge bras dip with a very low neckline. (The Simone Perele Saga Full Cup Plunge Bra is one of our favs!). Looking for additional contour? Push-up plunge bras will give you that extra cleavage.

Working out or have an active lifestyle? Sports bras are the best option for you and come in an array of styles, shapes and support-levels to best fit your band and cup size. We carry numerous brands in different sports styles – Anita, Prima Donna Sport and Panache.

Going for a backless dress or top? These pieces can sometimes be intimidating as you don’t want to have the band of your bra showing, but still want to feel supported in the chest. My Perfect Pair offers a great solution to this common problem. Customizable to any neckline, My Perfect Pair offers luxury breast tape and nipple covers. The best part? They are sweat proof, dance proof, waterproof and offer long lasting hold AND support!

Have a certain dress or outfit idea and you still aren’t sure which bra to pair it with? Reach out – we can help you find the perfect match!

– XX Le Boudoir

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