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Strapless Bras

Getting the right size is the first step towards wearing a supportive strapless bra. The common rule of bra fitting is that 80 percent of the support comes from the band and only 20 percent from the straps. So, when it comes to a strapless bra you have to make sure the bra is fitting. Don’t base your strapless bra size on the last bra you purchased. Le Boudoir’s fitters will show you various options that can work for your unique shape.

Don’t give up on that strapless or on-shoulder dress! We’ll guide you to getting the perfect fitting strapless bra. Browse our collection of strapless & Convertible bras that won’t let you down.

Click on the images below to view the full collection of your favourite brand.

Prima Donna, Divine

Prima Donna Twist, Happiness

Elomi, Smoothing

Fantasie, Smoothing

Empreinte, Melody

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