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Sports Bras

It is All About the Right Sport Bra!

In addition to comfortable sneakers and fashionable active wear, you should always wear a well-fitting sports bra. Exercising sets the breasts in motion, however, nature did not design our chest for these extreme movements. To avoid pain and overstretching the sensitive connective tissue, you should always wear a special sports bra during exercise. During sports such as jogging your breasts are exposed to extreme strains:  your bust moves up and down about 3,5 inches per step. These undesired movements are reduced by wearing a well-fitting sports bra. We have the ideal sport bras in modern designs for any activity, perfectly tailored to the needs of the female body.

At Le Boudoir, our Sports Bras have cup sizes that run from A through H; this wide range of sizes allows every woman the opportunity to find the right Sports Bra for her.

Click on the images below to view the full collection of your favourite brand.

Prima Donna Sport

Anita Sport

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