How should a bra fit?

1. The Band

You may be surprised to hear that 80% of your bra’s support comes from your band. It’s important that your band runs parallel around your body. If it rides up, you’ll need to go down in the size. If it digs in, you’ll need to go up in the size. 

Our Tip:  Fasten your bra on the first (loosest) hook and see if you can fit three fingers under the clasp. If you can, then you’re wearing the right band size. To test if it’s the right fit, try raising your arms above your head. If your bra stays in place, it’s the right fit. If your band rides up, it’s too loose. 

2. The Underwire

The underwire should lay flat on your chest and completely encircle the breast. If there’s any pinching or digging in, then the cup size is too small. This is very important for nursing bras.

3. The Centre Gore

The centre pice of fabric that connects the cups is called the gore. For a perfect fit, the gore of the bra should lay flat on the chest. If the gore doesn’t lay flat on the body or if the wires lifts away from the body, then try a size up or try a different bra style or brand - one that suits your shape better.

4. The Straps

You’ve probably thought that tightening the straps will help you lift your breast. Actually, if you’re tightening the straps too much to get lift, and the straps are too tight, then the straps can dig in and be painful.  Bottom line, let the band do the lifting for you. 

Our Tip:  Adjust the straps, so you can fit two fingers between your shoulder and the strap.

5. The Cups

The fit of the cup is very important to the look you’re going to get from your bra. Remember, if you’ve already determined that the band fits and feels comfortable, only change the cup size if you’re experiencing either of the following: 

If there’s spillage at the top of the bra, you’ll need to try a bigger cup size.

If you have empty space, gapping or wrinkling in the cup, then you’ll need to try a smaller cup size.

how should a bra fit

6. How Does it Feel

The most important part of the bra fitting is: How does the bra feel? Even if it’s the perfect fit and style, if it’s not comfortable to you and isn’t the style that you’re looking for, then you may be more comfortable trying a different size, style or brand. 

Bras are like shoes, you’ll probably need to try on a few to find the right ones. Don’t be discouraged if the first one you try on doesn’t fit. Getting the perfect style that suits you is worth it!

Bra fitting may have it’s frustrations. Just know that we’re here to help you determine the best fit for you! Contact us or follow us on Facebook for more tips on how a bra should fit, as well as other insightful lingerie tips.