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Bra Fitting Guide

With our Bra Fitting Guide, you're on your way to your best fitting bra EVER!


We’re taking the guesswork out of finding the right size bra for you and making bra fitting easy to do at home with our bra fitting guide. With your best fitting, everyday bra, on take these three measurements. (Avoid wearing the extra push up bras for this part of the fitting because they can affect the bra size that we recommend for you)

Step 1: Measure around your chest, just under the arms and above the bust. Make sure that the tape measure is taut and is straight across your back, but not too tight or too slack because that could result in a very tight fitting bra that will pinch and hurt or a loose fitting bra that will ride up your back later.

Step 2: Now it's time to measure your cup size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust. This could be at the nipple, but keep in mind that everyone's body is different. This will be one of two measurements that you need to determine your cup size.

Step 3: For the final measurement, measure just under the bust around your ribcage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you’ll have questions about our products, how to take care of them and how to find the right size or style for you. Just remember, we're here to help you every step of the way. Bra shopping should be easy and enjoyable!

Finding the right bra for you is a combination of the fit and style, not just the size. After all, every bra will give you a different shape and feel differently. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the shape and comfort level that you’re looking for!

We recommend hand washing your bras after every second wear. This will ensure that they last and you get the best wear out of them. For sports bras, we recommend washing them after every wear. Perspiration and body oils can damage the lycra in your bra, causing it to stretch out much faster that necessary.

Just remember that underwires can warp in the machine, causing them to poke through later. If you choose to place your lingerie in the washing machine, remember to use a wash bag. Delicate wash liquids are a must to ensure your pretty things stay pretty. Remember, regular detergents can be more abrasive, which can wear down the delicate fabric.

We offer a wide selection of bra sizes, ranging from 30” to 48” band sizes, and from an A cup all the way up to an N cup.
Our swimwear is also available in up to an I cup.

Even if you have been fitted before, your bra size can fluctuate a lot with major body changes. We recommend having a fitting every year because your bra size and style, that fits and feels right for you, can change the size over time. Body changes such as weight loss, weight gain, breast-feeding and menopause can all have an effect on the size and shape of your breast.

Most of our swimwear, including bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces are cup-sized and you should be the same cup size in our swimwear as you are in our bras. Often, you’ll need to increase the band size when purchasing swimwear. Swim fabrics tend to be a tighter fit, compared to your bra.

Basically, a T-shirt bra is a one that doesn’t have seams. It can be any colour, so be adventurous with your selection.

If you wear light coloured clothing, you’ll want to choose soft pastel colours or nude tones. Remember, white bras will always be visible underneath white clothing.

If you wear dark coloured clothing, you’ll want to choose dark tonnes for your undergarments. Remember, you’ll want to avoid light coloured bras, even nude, under your dark clothes. Colour will transfer from your clothes onto the bra and it will be impossible to remove the dye from your bra later.