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Finding The Right Size

At Le Boudoir, our goal is to make a fitting a fun and easy experience; we also want to make sure you are purchasing the best fit. To find the right size bra that suits your particular body shape requires correct measurement. While measuring, we LOVE to chat! We want to know everything to help us find the perfect fit for you…What kind of lifestyle do you have? Work or play? Are you looking to show them off or hide them away? What kind of support are you looking for? What style of clothing do you wear? Tell us! This will only help us find THE perfect fit.

After our friendly and experienced consultants have measured you in one of our beautiful fitting rooms, they will discuss what’s important to you, guide you through the many different brands we carry, discreetly check fittings and help you with recommendations.

Sometimes, our recommendations may not be quite what you expected – but once you’ve been correctly fitted, you just might be surprised at how fabulous you look and feel! We want you to leave one of our stores feeling great about yourself!

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