Are You Wearing the Proper Bra Size?

Are You Wearing the Proper Bra Size?

Buying a bra and figuring out your proper size can seem like a tedious process and something that a lot of people tend to avoid. You can have a bra and that’s cup-size but the straps are too big and slip, or the straps may fit perfectly but the band itself feels too tight and restricting. Whatever you find problematic – we can help! Finding your proper bra size can truly be life changing and will change your day-to-day perspective on wearing a bra.

*There is also the fact that plenty of women have one breast that may be slightly larger than the other – and this is totally, completely normal! (But can be a hassle when trying to find the right fit that is comfortable for you).

A good way to note of any sizing issues with your bra is by taking a look at how you feel at the end of the day. Is the wire digging in? Does the band feel too restrictive? You know you aren’t comfortable, make notes of what is bugging you so you know what you would like to look for in future bra purchases.

A quick trick to help you figure out what is specifically wrong with your bra is the ‘T-shirt Test.’ Put on a white t-shirt, and if you can clearly see the cup edge bulging or gaping, or digging in of the straps or side, then you are wearing the wrong size.

A proper bra fitting includes more than just simple measurements of your bust. At a bra fitting we take numerous things into account, we take a look at your body shape, your breast shape, what your lifestyle is and recommend brands and bra styles that meet your specific needs and desires when it comes to a properly fitting bra.

Are you looking to get in for a bra fitting to find your true, proper size? Come visit us at either of our locations – we would love to help you!

– XX Le Boudoir

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